Sponsors – your club needs you!

Clubs like Beacon Hill JFC are run by volunteers with the sole purpose of providing the facilities and a safe and welcoming opportunity for kids to play football. If we relied on subscriptions alone the club would fall woefully short of being able to provide the all round service required to deliver that opportunity to the kids. From equipment to kit, to goals, first aid kit, professional trainers and balls, everything needs to be funded.

Thankfully, over the years we have been very lucky to have some incredibly supportive and generous sponsors who receive fantastic local exposure by getting their logos placed on the kids shirt, in exchange for funding the kit itself. For a relatively small layout, club kit can be used for many years being passed on as kids grow out of it, thus offering fantastic value for money. In addition with our brand new website, our social media channels, and the club tournament, there are plenty of channels to leverage your sponsorship.

In addition, and as importantly, the sponsors get the satisfaction that they are supporting grass roots football at a community level, that has so many wonderful and positive benefits across all generations involved with the club.

There are still many opportunities across the club to provide sponsorship. Whether it’s to sponsor a single team, an entire age group, or even the entire club, we are open to discussions about how your brand and the club could work together to best maximise exposure of your company to many thousands of people every year.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact Faye, the club secretary on admin@beaconhilljfc.com to start that discussion.