Beacon Hill U13 Girls Aloud Red

Coaching Team

Graham Kneller

Graham has been a FA level 1 coach since Sept 2017 and has been with this group of players since that time (primarily as his daughter Hattie plays in the team!). “We have a wonderful group of girls and also between us coaches, admin and parents taking on roles we have a very supportive team helping the club keep moving forward”

John Aldwinckle

John has been an FA Level 1 coach since August 2019, helping to coach the team that includes his twin daughters Emma and Kerry.  “Most of the girls have been playing together for several years now, it’s been a pleasure to watch them grow and they have forged a great team spirit amongst the group.”

Richard McCann

Richard has been an Fa level 1 coach since 30-08-2019. He started coaching just after his daughter joined to play. He currently coaches in senior mens Saturday football to. He is also qualified for Fa first aid on 30-08-2019.


Training is on Thursdays Evenings during the Season

Training Location

The Edge


Surrey County Women’s and Girl’s League

Match Day



Many of the players have remained with this age group from the very beginning with equally fantastic players joining and increasing the squad numbers. The tournament win at the start of the season has set the precedent for a super season so far with excellent football and a great team ethic.