There’s good news for football in the Beacon Hill, Hindhead and surrounding area, as Beacon Hill Junior Football Club and Hindhead Athletic FC have merged to provide football for all, from age five right through to adults and vets!

The rebranded Beacon Hill FC club now has over 440 members covering all ages including 120 female players and 58 coaches.

This week the club launched a brand new logo to create a new symbol of the combined clubs integrating both the stag of Hindhead Athletic FC and the green and black of the old Junior club.

“By merging our resources and our teams we are now able to offer a pathway for 16–18 year old players as they leave junior football and move to adult football. Previously players have drifted away to other clubs or given up playing altogether, now we can offer continuity and support as a single club.”, said Mark Babb, Director of Men’s football at BHFC.

Alex Gowing, Chair at Beacon Hill FC, said “Combing our two clubs brings so many additional benefits to our members. We can help our adult teams access additional facilities and resources. We also have the opportunity to apply for extra funding as a more inclusive club, we can grow by adding more teams with a greater number of age groups and offerings for all abilities. This season we have been able to add a second Men’s team doubling the number of men playing football at the club. Some of these players are now helping to coach the younger players. Next stop is adding our first Women’s team!”