The Tigers and Falcons are proudly sponsored by :             The Ravens and Panthers are proudly sponsored by :


The Head Coach for the Age Group is Dan OBoyle.

The Tigers and The Falcons play in the NEYHL Olympian League.  The Panthers play in the NEYHL Delphian League.  The Ravens play in the SSYL Division League

Tigers Manager : Dan OBoyle (Right) Falcons Manager : Scott Kennedy (left) Panthers Manager : Chris Jarvis (middle) Ravens Manager : Chris Jarvis
Tigers League Falcons League Panthers League  Ravens League

The club does the annual recruitment of players in the close season, with sign-on day taking place at the club in the summer. However, depending on the squad and teams, there may be available places at any time so we recommend contacting the squad with your child’s details.

Therefore if you have a child who is interested in joining the club then please click on the button below to send an email to the Under 9 management team and someone will contact you shortly with details and current availability status.
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